Additional Services

Office And Business Resource Management

6 Point IT has a number of SaaS model resource management solutions that are quickly deployable and easily manageable at a very reasonable cost. We ensure extensive training and premium support to make sure businesses get full benefit of our software.

Custom Solution For Govt. & Business Organizations

6 Point IT has very strong capabilities in technology and management, including Cloud Computing, Microservice Architecture, Java, Python, Golang, PHP, React, Flutter and more. With all our capabilities and experiences in technology we are supporting the government to achieve the SDG and business organizations to business Goals.

Digital Transformation

6 Point IT provides Digital Transformation solutions along with consultancy that help the organizations and industries achieving the productivity benefits offered by 4th IR technologies. We developed Smart Factory 4.0 Solution pack that contents numbers of products mainly for the RMG industry to support competing in global competition with efficiency.

Productivity Tools

6 Point IT developed a number of proven solutions for improving productivity in office activities, reducing workload and giving more manageability.


6 Point IT provides RPA and IOT based Process Optimization and Automation Solutions to help any business or organization(Gov. Bank, Telco. RMG, SME) to reduce resource, cost and time up to 80%.

What We Do More

We were hoping you would. We look forward to getting to know you and helping your business to be the best it can be by getting your brand out there.